Monday, 5 December 2016

Brain Tumor Treatment in India

Brain Tumor  Treatment in India

Brain Tumor Cancer Treatment in India By Rapidarc Trubeam Linear Accelerator

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A variety of  therapies are used to treat  brain-tumors. The type of  treatment recommended depends on the size and type of the tumor, its growth rate, brain-location, and the general health of the patient. Treatment options include surgery, radiation therapy, Here is The Best Doctor for brain tumors Treatment in India
TrueBeam system is one of the handful of centers in the world, we treat our patients in shorter time periods while maximizing the protection of healthy tissues with the most advanced technology in radiotherapy and radiosurgery.  With the TrueBeam STx technology, we are able to perform image guided stereotactic radiosurgery to head and body with a precision of less than a millimeter.”

Best Brain Tumors Treatment in India

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