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Best Breast Cancer Treatment in India,

Best Breast Cancer Treatment in India

About Breast Cancer : 
Breast cancer treatments in India are methods that experts agree are appropriate, accepted, and widely used. These standard procedures have proven useful in fighting  breast cancer.
A breast cancer Treatment in India , on the other hand, is an approved research study that some doctors believe has a strong potential to improve standard treatments of Breast Cancer india. When clinical trials demonstrate better results than the standard, that new Breast Cancer treatment becomes the standard. Remember Here Best Doctor For Breast Cancer Treatment in India.
If a breast cancer clinical trial is an option for you, your doctor will explain the possible trade-offs with the trial treatment versus standard treatment. Together with your medical team, you will need to decide what treatment method is the best for you and your health.

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Your treatment options depend on the stage of your disease and these factors:

The size of the tumor in relation to the size of your breast
The results of specific pathology tests (hormone receptors, HER2 receptors, grade of the cells, proliferation rate of the cells)
Whether you have gone through menopause
Your general health
Your age
Your family history or other risk factors associated with a predisposition for developing 

Doctor for Breast Cancer Treatment in DelhiBreast Cancer Treatment in India or ovarian cancer Treatment in India
Below are brief descriptions of common treatments for each stage. Other treatments may be appropriate for some women. Research studies (clinical trials) can be an option at all stages of breast cancer.
Most women with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), also known as non-invasive breast cancer, have breast Cancer surgery in India, also known as lumpectomy followed by radiation therapy. For some women over the age of 70 who have an early diagnosed breast cancer and the tumor is hormone receptor positive, they may be a candidate to forego radiation therapy.  Though Stage 0 breast cancer Treatment in India is the very earliest that breast cancer can be diagnosed, there are situations in which there is a lot of DCIS within the breast tissue. In some situations, it may be necessary to have a mastectomy performed. Some women also may choose to have a mastectomy. Women with DCIS may receive Tamoxifen to reduce the risk of developing invasive breast cancer in the future.
Women with Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3A, or operable Stage 3C breast cancer may have a combination of treatments. (Operable means the cancer can be treated with surgery.)

Some may have breast Cancer Treatment In india followed by radiation therapy to the breast. This choice is common for women with Stage I or II breast cancer Treatment in India. Some may decide to have a mastectomy. With either approach, women (especially those with Stage II or IIIA breast cancer) often have lymph nodes under the arm removed.

Whether or not radiation therapy is used after mastectomy depends on the extent of the Treatment of Breast cancer. If Breast cancer cells are found in 1 to 3 lymph nodes under the arm or if the tumor in the breast is large, the doctor sometimes suggests radiation therapy after mastectomy. If cancer cells are found in more than 3 lymph nodes under the arm and/or the tumor was very close to the chest wall, the doctor usually will suggest radiation therapy after mastectomy.

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