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Symptoms of Head & Neck Cancer

Symptoms of   Head & Neck Cancers

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Head and Neck Cancer Treatment in India

Head & neck cancers can occur inside the mouth (oral cavity), in the salivary glands  in the sinuses
and nasal cavity, in the larynx (voice box), and in the airway leading from behind the nose and
mouth to the top of the esophagus (the pipe through which food travels to the stomach).

Symptoms of Head Neck Cancer Treatment in India vary, depending on the location of thecancer, but they may include:

 A sore in the mouth that bleeds or doesn’t heal

Red or white patches inside the mouth that don’t clear up 
  1. A lump or swelling in the neck, 
  2. A sore throat, or hoarseness that doesn’t go away
  3. Pain in the ears, neck, throat, jaws, or tongue
  4. Nosebleeds, repeated sinus infections, or nasal
  5. congestion that won’t clear up despite treatment
  6. Blood in mucus that is coughed up
  7. Trouble chewing or swallowing
  8. Loose teeth, or dentures that suddenly don’t fit well
  9. Numbness in the head & neck area
  10. Sores or changes in the appearance of moles on your head and neck. Best Head Neck Cancer Treatment in India.
Who’s at Greatest Risk for
Head & Neck Cancer?
  1. •                    People who drink heavily.
  1. People who use tobacco (smoked or chewed). Risk is greatly
  2. multiplied in people who use tobacco and drink heavily.
  3. People treated previously for head & neck cancer.
  4. People infected with the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), a very
  5. common sexually transmitted disease that often does not
  6. produce symptoms. HPV has been linked to rising numbers of
  7. head & neck cancers. Often the infection is passed on during
  8. oral sex. Head Neck Cancer Treatment in India                

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