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Best Cancer Doctor in India

Cancer awareness

Cancer Treatment in India

The word cancer has not just risen in the public consciousness recently as a disease synonymous with fatality, but also in the medical community as a formidable challenge. In its myriad forms, cancer
affects almost every part of the human body, but perhaps more importantly it

    preys on the hearts of patients and their families, leaving them broken. The media has been doing its part in informing the general public about research discoveries, facts and figures related to the natural history of this disease, and it has been correctly labelled as a modern epidemic. Figures show that in the United States, cancer-related deaths have been reduced since investigations are carried out more often and patients-at- risk have the opportunity to discover this illness in an early stage of development. However, developing countries like ours face more deaths than ever before. Due to lack of awareness, disparities in health- care infrastructure and the lack of a structured cancer screening program, patients in our country often reach a doctor when the disease is in an advanced stage.

     The direct impact is that their chances of survival and successful Cancer Treatment in India are much lower than those of other peopleliving in more developed countries. It has been estimated that by the year 2030,
there will be approximately 11 million cancer-related deaths every year with more than half occurring in developing nations.

   Such a situation can be demotivating and an impediment to combating this disease. But there are thousands of medical professionals today who have dedicated their lives to fighting this disease, and
great strides have been made through their concerted efforts. Furthermore, a simple and effective means of ensuring that the odds are in our favor is being cancer aware.
Breast Cancer Treatment in India awareness has a primary objective of saving lives by increasing awareness of
the disease. Awareness functions as an outreach program to help those diagnosed with breast cancer as well as educating everyone on the importance of early detection through regular self examination and
health check ups.

Top Cancer Treatment India

Best Cancer Treatment in India
     It also encompasses fund raising to support research and to help individuals cope with the life- altering impact of a cancer diagnosis in oneself, a family member or friend.
Breast cancer is the prototype of the cancer awareness campaign. The pink ribbon has been around for 26 years now and is now synonymous with a successful cancer awareness campaign. With educational programs, women can learn how to perform self breast examination, discuss the role of mammography with their doctor and learn more about their lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.
      The results of breast cancer awareness programs in the US have reduced mortality
at every stage of breast cancer and today advanced breast cancer is seen less frequently than early breast cancer. With rapid urbanization and changing lifestyles, breast cancer is already the
most common type of cancer amongst women in the metropolitan cities of India.
Early detection and specialized care by a multi-disciplinary oncology team is the key factor in reducing the mortality associated with breast cancer. Modern treatment facilities which utilize the latest treatment protocols ensure that even advanced stage breast cancer can be cured with a
high probability.

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Cancer Treatment in India
Lung cancer Treatment in India  is the most common type of cancer affecting men and women overall. Cancer awareness programs for lung cancer focus mostly on prevention of smoking, as it is the strongest associated risk factor. Such efforts have culminated in bans on smoking in public places,
placement of warning signs on cigarette packs and restrictions on depiction of smoking in movies/television. Screening for lung cancer is possible for high risk individuals with Computed Tomography (CT) scan of the chest. Advances in treatment have now led to better outcomes than a decade ago. Surgery, Radiotherapy and chemotherapy in concert have resulted in reduced side

Best Cancer Treatment in India

effects and improved treatment results in all stages of lung cancer.
Cancer of the cervix is the most common malignancy affecting women in rural or semi-urban populations of India. Screening
for Cervical Cancer  Treatment in India begins with regular papanicolau (PAP) smears in all sexuallyactive women, which is a non-invasive test. Since more than 95% of cervical cancer is caused by a virus known as the
Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), vaccination against this virus can prevent the development of cancer. Administration of this vaccine before the onset of sexual activity can prevent the development of cervical cancer. However, more effort is needed in providing this information to those most in need of it, namely the financially disadvantaged section of our society.
Radiotherapy forms the foundation of successful treatment in patients with cervical cancer. In selected cases, surgery and chemotherapy may also be utilized. Treatment results have steadily improved
and severity of side effectshave reduced dramatically over the last decade.
head and neck cancer as is a heterogenous group of cancers which most commonly affect the lining of the mouth, nose, throat and voice box, besides other sites. In India, its one of the most common cancers among men. Similar to lung cancer, this type of cancer is very common in those who consume tobacco (in any form). Cancer of the head and neck is notorious for causing dysfunction of everyday activities like eating, breathing & speaking. Unfortunately many patients and general physicians ignore these symptoms as conditions like common cold or sore throat also have similar symptoms. Additionally, no effective screening method exists for early detection.

Cancer Treatment in India

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Surgery and radiotherapy are the two treatment modalities which have the highest cure rates in head & neck cancers. Used alone or in combination, these modalities can achieve cure in a high proportion of patients. Newer techniques of radiotherapy have allowed radiation oncologists to target this type of cancer with millimeter accuracy, thereby reducing patient discomfort during and after completion of treatment. Chemotherapy is also used in selected cases as an adjunct to radiotherapy.
An important component of cancer awareness is the promotion of research into better treatments and eventuallyeradication. Without insight into the behavior of this disease, the way it subverts normal processes to its advantage and its vulnerabilities, a cure is not possible. Thousands of scientists and
researchers are actively investigating newer treatments and the future appears promising. Several non-profit organizations in India also offer patient support services by providing financial support to needy
patients, as well as counseling sessions for families.
Undoubtedly, cancer is the scourge of modern times and the treatment protocols of today and tomorrow will benefit all those affected. Till the time that we can conquer this disease definitively, its better to be cancer aware than to be caught unawares by it.

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