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Fertility preservation


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The American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and a European body (FertiPROTEKT) have issued guidelines for fertility preservation. Both recommend: All pre-menopausal women, about to
receive chemotherapy which entails a significant risk to ovarian function should
be counseled jointly by the treating oncologist and a reproductive medicine specialist.
All applicable methods should be discussed Irrespective of method utilized, the efficacy
of the oncological regimen should not be compromised. If possible, different methods may be combined for maximum probability of success, as demonstrated below:

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Fertility preservation is often possible in people undergoing treatment for cancer. Broader application of fertility preservation methods is limited by several factors: lack of knowledge about the risk of infertility with current Cancer treatments in India, failure to discuss and consider options before
treatment, high costs, and the investigational status of many fertility preservation methods.
Management of the cancer is of utmost importance, but several assisted reproductive technologies can provide the patient with the possibility of future pregnancies without compromising her
cancer treatments. Recent strides in cryopreservation technology have made embryo banking more accessible and have given women real options for pregnancy after Breast cancer Treatment in India. Although they are
experimental at present, oocyte cryopreservation and ovarian tissue banking with transplantation are emerging as viable methods of fertility preservation in women undergoing chemotherapy for
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