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Breast Cancer Surgery in India

Breast Cancer Surgery in India

Minimally invasive breast surgery (MIBS) encompasses a range of surgical and non-surgical steps taken to improve the physical, emotional, and quality of life impact for women with breast cancer. MIBS is more that simply the act of performing operations through small incisions. The more important goals of MIBS are to improve the outcome of breast cancer treatment by:

Preserving or even improving breast appearance
Minimizing short and long-term side effects of surgery
Reducing treatment complications
Expediting return to normal daily activities leading expert in Breast Cancer Treatment in India, Dr. Kundan Singh Chufal provides a complete array of such procedures, including

Hidden scar nipple-sparing mastectomy. This type of mastectomy is a nipple sparing mastectomy procedure performed through a small, 2-3 inch incision hidden in the skin fold under the breast. Combined with immediate breast reconstruction, hidden scar nipple sparing mastectomy results in a completely normal-looking (if not better than normal looking) breast with intact skin, nipple, and areola and no visible scar when the breast is viewed from the front.
Lymph node-sparing surgery. Axillary reverse mapping entails injecting blue dye into the nearby arm, which temporarily turns the arm lymph nodes blue in color to make it easier for Dr. Kundan to see and protect arm lymph nodes during breast cancer surgery.  Protection of arm nodes and lymph vessels preserves the drainage of lymph fluid from the arm, thereby preventing or reducing the risk of lymphedema.
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