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Breast Cancer Specialist in India

Breast Cancer Specialist in India

Breast Cancer Treatment in India

What to expect during external beam radiation therapy (EBRT)

Radiation treatment in India is usually started after enough time has gone by for your surgery wound to heal, often at least 2 to 3 weeks. EBRT is usually given once a day, 5 days a week, for a set number of weeks.  Or you may go to the radiation center twice a day and get a larger dose of radiation over a shorter period of time. You will need to go to the radiation clinic every day for treatment.

Radiation treatment is a lot like getting an X-ray, but the radiation is stronger. The radiation comes from a large machine. The machine doesn't touch you during the Breast Cancer Specialist in India. The treatments don't hurt and they are quick. The whole process will likely take less than an hour.

Things like lotion, powder, and deodorant can interfere with EBRT. You may be asked not to use them until after treatment.

On the day of treatment, you are carefully put into the right position. If you need to lie in an awkward position, the radiologist may make a mold of your body, which can be used to support you and keep you from moving during treatment. You may see lights from the machine lined up with the marks on your skin. These help the therapist know you are in the right position. The therapist will leave the room while the machine sends radiation to your tumor. During this time, he or she can see you, hear you, and talk to you. When the machine sends radiation to your tumor, you will need to be very still, but you do not have to hold your breath.

The radiation oncologist and the radiation therapist will carefully monitor the intensity and length of each radiation treatment. They will also check the area that is being treated. You will get regular physical exams and blood tests during the course of your treatments.

What to expect during internal radiation therapy

For internal radiation therapy, the radiation is directed from inside the body. The radiation therapist places small thin hollow tube called a catheter directly into the Breast Cancer where the tumor used to be. Radioactive seeds or pellets are then put into the catheter for short periods of time each day. They are then removed when the treatment is over. Internal radiation may be done along with or instead of EBRT. 

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